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Open a Cookie location in your Canadian city

We offer a complete solution to allow you to utilize your existing facility to sell cookie gift boxes and baskets in your Canadian city.

Our system closely compliments any existing bakery or catering business. Why not earn extra revenue by using our proven gift system?

It will take on-line orders and e-mail them to you. All you have to do is print the order, bake and package it! A local courier then picks up the gift for delivery.

We provide all the tools needed to make your gift business a real success. This includes a unique, custom-crafted gift ordering website, on-line training, cookie dough, and all packaging materials needed to complete an order.

We have been perfecting our gift system for over 13 years and invite you to take advantage of our knowledge, technology and our awesome cookies to make you more profitable.

Grow your business with Cookie today!

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